MG’s Guide to Vehicle Load Charging (V2L)

MG5 EV using vehicle to load charge on two e-scooters

Vehicle to load charging is a relatively new term in the electric vehicle world, but is only going to become increasingly more common. Currently this smart technology is only available in a handful of electric cars, including the MG4 EV and MG5 EV. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about vehicle load charging including what it is and how it works.

What is vehicle to load charging (V2L)?

Vehicle to load charging is a bidirectional power feature that allows you to use the battery in an electric car to charge or power an electrical appliance. This can be everything from your electric scooters to your television or kettle, just as long as it can be connected to your electric car battery.

This can change the way we think about power. Household items can now become mobile, thanks to no longer relying on stationary charging ports. Instead, your car is like a plug socket on wheels, with the power available to charge the electronic devices you value the most.

How does vehicle to load charging work?

The vehicle to load works by plugging the adapter directly into the charge socket.  This then converts direct current to alternating current which enables you to charge other devices. In short, instead of power going into the battery, charge flows out via the adapter.

Think of V2L as a type of electricity hotspot. It’s a way to get power when a usual power source like a plug socket might not be available. All you have to do is connect the device you wish to power to your electric car, and voila, you have charge anywhere you are!

Why is vehicle to load charging useful?

Just think how useful it would be to charge your electronic devices when you're on the road! You can charge your laptop if travelling for a work trip, or even bring a TV next time you go camping and power your television in the woods (we can’t help with signal though!).

It can also help with more practical issues like powering other electric cars that have broken down. If you drive past an electric vehicle that has run out of charge you can syphon power from your electric car battery to charge theirs. This is a great way of helping other vehicle owners without needing to wait a long time for response services to come and help.

This can also help ease the concerns of those with range anxiety - the worry that your car does not have enough charge to complete a journey. This is because electric car owners are no longer solely reliant on charging stations when they are on the road. If you are out of power then you can charge your batteries via other cars, which means you have even more options available to make charging electric cars as easy as possible.

What are the benefits of vehicle load charging?

Using the power already stored in your electric car battery to power household items is a great way of saving costs. It's much cheaper to charge your home appliances by plugging them into your car than it is to use electricity from the grid. With electricity bills increasingly rising, saving costs may become increasingly important.

The future of vehicle load charging

We are only just beginning to enter the world of vehicle load charging. This exciting, new technology could continue to develop and solve even more everyday problems. There are even whispers that soon electric car batteries could power your whole house, not just the appliances inside, which can become useful in the event of a power cut.

Wherever this technology may go, one thing is for sure, electric vehicle loading is an incredibly smart feature of an electric vehicle, and another reason to add to your list of why you should switch to an electric car.

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