A guide to electric car ranges


Electric cars are becoming more and more mainstream. With a wide variety of benefits, and their positive impact on reducing climate change, they are able to reduce costs on fuel, tax and maintenance costs.

The rising popularity of these vehicles has also led to many questions around electric car range. Outlined below is our guide to the different ranges of each type of electric or hybrid car currently on offer, helping you choose the one best suited to your driving needs.

Fully electric car range

A fully electric car is a car that runs solely on electricity, therefore producing no exhaust emissions at all. Also known as battery electric vehicles (BEV’s), instead of running on a petrol or diesel engine they have an electric motor in the form of a large traction battery pack that is powered only on batteries which are charged by plugging the car into a socket.

Types of hybrid electric cars

Using a hybrid car can be your first step into the world of electric cars. Hybrid cars are a great way to ensure that you are doing your part in helping to move towards a greener planet, whilst also proving to be an enjoyable ride.

Hybrid cars are cars that run on both electric energy and other sources such as petrol and diesel. In combining both methods, you are able to enjoy the comfort of knowing that you are supported on long drives, but also helping the environment by running on electric for short journeys.

There are three types of hybrid cars on the market; plug-in hybrids, self charging hybrids and mild hybrids.

What is a plug-in electric hybrid?

A plug-in hybrid vehicle, otherwise known as PHEV is a great option for those who are not ready to go completely electric as they provide the fuel and emissions benefits of an electric car on short drives, but also have the back-up of a petrol engine for longer runs.

A PHEV is essentially a hybrid car with a battery pack that can be plugged in to charge it up. They are typically able to run 20 to 30 miles only on electrical energy. Once the electric energy has been depleted, your plug-in hybrid will automatically switch to your petrol engine so you can carry on your drive with no hesitation.

What is a self charging hybrid?

A self charging hybrid is a car that can drive using electric power alone. Unlike a PHEV, it cannot be plugged in to charge, rather, it charges itself by using the on-board petrol engine.

Most hybrid cars feature a petrol engine, an electric motor and a small battery pack. As you drive a self charging hybrid, the power from the engine and the kinetic energy retrieved from slowing down and braking is used to charge the battery pack, leading to the term ‘self charging’. As you accelerate, the electricity from the batteries powers the electric motor and helps the car gain speed.

Mild hybrids: using electric power for fuel-intensive aspects of driving

Mild hybrids replace the traditional starter motor and alternator with a compact electric generator. This means activities that require a lot of fuel, like rapid acceleration or restarting after a stop, are supported by electric power, reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Due to the size of their electrical component, mild hybrids cannot run on battery power alone, and therefore don’t have a range. They do, however, represent a great option for those looking to go electric but not quite ready to install a charging point or switch to a plug-in vehicle.

Our MG plug-in hybrid range

Our MG HS Plug-in Hybrid is our first ever hybrid car. With an electric range of 32 miles with zero tailpipe emissions, this is plenty for most commutes.

Our MG HS Plug-in Hybrid interiors have prioritised comfort and quality to make it a quality space for any ride. With spacious leather seating and our MG Pilot safety system that helps to keep you and other drivers on the road protected, our MG HS Plug-in Hybrid range offers a brilliant ride.

Our new electric cars also boast high-tech batteries, providing you with an impressive driving range on a single charge. So, no matter what trip you are taking, whether that is driving around the city or visiting the country, you can do so without having to stop and recharge with our EVs.