What is a Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)?


What does PHEV mean?

PHEV stands for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.  A plug-in hybrid vehicle uses both an electric and traditional combustion engine, with the electric engine’s battery charged by plugging from an external power source.

As a result, plug-in hybrids typically have larger electric batteries than their self-charging counterparts, meaning they can run for longer on purely electric power. This is one reason why you would consider choosing a plug-in hybrid over a self-charging hybrid, but it must be weighed up against the need to either install a charging point at home or always be mindful of the nearest public charging facility.

Due to the presence of a traditional combustion engine, however, any ‘range anxiety’ is considerably reduced. This is because a plug-in hybrid is capable of being powered by petrol or diesel alone should the electric battery need recharging. In a fully electric vehicle, once the electric battery is out of charge, the vehicle will no longer be able to move.


Why should you drive an MG PHEV?

There are many reasons for owning a Plug-in Hybrid, here are some of our favourites:

Low Emissions

Plug-in hybrids produce zero emissions when in electric mode. As the MG HS Plug-in Hybrid has 32 miles of charge, it is likely most of your driving will be on battery power. This will be beneficial for air quality in urban areas, as well as helping your finances as you will not need to buy fuel as often.

Low Running Costs

Buying fuel can be expensive, so when running on your battery power, your journey will cost significantly less than it would in a conventional car. On top of the lower fuel costs, you'll also be making savings on your road tax. 

Home Charging

The most convenient and cost effective way to charge your PHEV is at home. To charge your Plug-in Hybrid, it is best to get a home charge point installed. This will provide safer and faster charging than the alternative, a three-pin plug. 

If you're worried about the initial outlay for installing a charge point at home, don't be. You may be eligible for the EV chargepoint grant which will provide funding for up to 75% of the cost. 

Comfortable Drive

While using the combustion engine of a Plug-in Hybrid, you may not notice much of a difference with a conventional petrol car. However, when running on battery power, you'll notice the difference. PHEVs are incredibly quiet, and the maximum torque produced by the electric motor gives it instant acceleration.


The MG HS Plug-in Hybrid

The MG HS Plug-in Hybrid uses the same 1.5-litre turbocharged engine as the petrol model, but this then synchronises with the 90kW electric motor to create an electric only range of 32 miles with no emissions. This means it is ideal for completing short urban runs on fully electric power, while saving the traditional petrol-powered engine for longer journeys.

With our plug-in hybrid, you can choose between the Excite and the Exclusive models. Both of these models are similar in size and specification, however the Exclusive model does have a few more features that might be of interest such as: ambient lighting, metal sports pedals, power tailgate and panoramic sky roof.

Not only are our plug-in hybrid models great to drive and composed of useful features but the electric element means that you’re helping to reduce your emissions. We can all make a big difference in keeping our planet healthy and deciding to choose an electric car is one of the biggest ways you can make an impact on your personal carbon footprint.


That's not all on hybrids. To find out more, see our article on the differences between a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and mild hybrid.