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Our range of electric cars just keeps on expanding. From family cars with a large boot space, to our long range EVs perfect for road trips, there’s an electric car to suit your lifestyle. Our MG4 EV has won a range of awards including ‘Car of the Year 2023’ and ‘Best Small Electric Car’ two years running at the What Car? awards. Discover what electric cars are, how they work, and our full range here.


What is an Electric Car?

An electric car is a vehicle that runs on electricity instead of fuel. It is powered by an electric motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, rather than an internal combustion engine. This means electric cars are much quieter than fuel cars because they don’t have an engine. In fact, most electric cars are fitted with an artificial noise so that pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers can be alerted to their presence.


How does an Electric Car work?

An electric vehicle is powered by a motor that converts electricity from a battery into motion. The battery can be recharged from the power grid or by regenerative braking, where the car slows down and uses some of the kinetic energy to recharge the battery. You can charge your electric car at home, or when you are out and about via charging stations, to ensure you never run out of power.


Benefits of an Electric Car

  1. Zero CO2 Emissions Whilst Driving- Electric cars do not produce CO2 emissions whilst driving, unlike their fuel counterparts, which means they are better for the environment. This also means you can drive them in low emission zones, without having to pay a fine, which can help save you money in the long run. Furthermore, the battery which powers an electric car can be used to charge other electrical items through vehicle to load charging to help use electricity more efficiently.


  1. Lower Running Costs - Electric cars can be cheaper to run than petrol or diesel cars. Electricity tends to be cheaper than fuel (depending on the market). There are also ways to keep charging costs low by charging your electric car in off peak times for example.


  1. Optimal Driving Performance - Most electric cars are brand new which means they are fitted with the latest technological innovations. This can enhance the driving experience. From advanced safety features, to driver assistance, and cutting edge gadgets, you can have a much smoother, enjoyable drive.


For more information, read our guide on the Benefits of Electric Cars.

Hybrid vs. Electric Cars

Electric cars run solely on battery power, whereas hybrid cars use a combination of electricity and fuel. This means that fully electric cars are better for the environment, but hybrid cars are good for those making the switch to electric vehicles because they are closer to the fuel car that they’re used to.

Discover more about hybrid cars to see whether an electric car or hybrid car is right for you.

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