Personal contract purchase

Personal Contract Purchase

What is PCP car finance?

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance allows you to pay for a selection of a vehicle’s cost over a fixed term, but then settle the balance and own the car once that contract ends. If this is not something you’d like to do, then you can also return the car back to us and have nothing more to pay.

As a result, PCP financing offers much greater flexibility than a Conditional Sale, also known as a Hire Purchase, in which the total cost of the vehicle is split, and you own the car once the deal ends.

How does PCP finance work?

You first pay a deposit on your chosen MG vehicle. Next you agree the length of your payment plan – typically, the longer the plan, the less expensive the payments.

An Optional Final Payment is also agreed. This is the amount it will cost you to own your vehicle outright once the payment plan ends and based on a forecast of the car’s worth once the agreed number of years have passed.

The Optional Final Payment is deducted from the car’s cost when assessing monthly repayment pricing. PCP, therefore, is often likely to be a more cost-effective finance option than a Hire Purchase, as the payments are not designed to cover the full cost of the car.


Pros and cons of PCP

To find out if PCP is the right car financing option for you, it's worth weighing up the pros and cons.


PCP Advantages:

  • Lower monthly payments – PCP is a great cost-effective option for those looking for a new car because you are only paying for the depreciation cost of the vehicle plus interest, rather than paying for the full value of the car. There are also a range of plans available such as zero deposit agreements so that you can find a deal for all budgets.


  • Access to newer cars – You can drive the latest cars without paying the large upfront costs of owning a new car. You can also change your car regularly so that you always have the latest model.


  • Accessible to most drivers - You don't need any savings or income to get approved for PCP finance. It's available to anyone with a good credit rating and proof of income, so even those who don't want or can't get a loan from their bank can still take advantage of this type of financing deal.


PCP Disadvantages:

  • Large balloon payment – The good news is that you have the option to buy the car after your agreement ends, but the bad news is that this could be costly. You will need to make a large payment upfront to purchase the car, which may not be an option if you entered a PCP agreement to avoid a lump sum in the first place.


  • Mileage limits – Most PCP agreements come with an annual mileage limit. If you exceed this mileage allowance, then you may be hit with additional costs. If you are someone who frequently drives long distances, then you need to ensure you are aware of your mileage allowance before signing up.


  • You need to keep up with payments – As you don’t own the car you need to ensure you are keeping up with the monthly payments otherwise the car can be taken from you by the finance company, which could leave you without a vehicle at short notice.


What happens when a PCP car finance deal ends?

Once your PCP contract ends, you have three options:

  1. Pay the Optional Final Payment and own the car.
  2. Return the vehicle to MG.
  3. Part exchange (only if equity is available) for another MG car on a new plan



Finance calculator and PCP example offers

Choose the model you are interested in:

  • MG4 EV Trophy Extended Range Volcano Orange
    electric icon
    MG4 EV
    From £26,995
  • electric icon
    From £36,495
  • MG3 Hybrid
    hybrid icon
    MG3 Hybrid+
    From £18,495
  • mg zs ev
    electric icon
    MG ZS EV
    From £30,495
  • MG5 EV Long Range
    electric icon
    MG5 EV Long Range
    From £30,995
  • MG3_2022.png
    petrol icon
    From £14,335
  • MG ZS Exclusive
    petrol icon
    MG ZS
    From £18,335
  • New MG HS
    petrol icon
    MG HS
    From £24,030
  • New MG HS Plug-in Hybrid
    plug-in-hybrid icon
    MG HS Plug-In Hybrid
    From £31,095

Have a question? Here are a few of our most frequent ones

  • PCP stands for Personal Contract Purchase. It is the most popular way of financing a car as it allows you to buy it over a period of three to five years. A PCP contract is unique in that at the end of the contract period, you have the option to purchase the vehicle.

  • PCP is a great, cost-effective option for those looking to fund a new vehicle without having to pay a lump sum. However, you will not own the car outright and will have to adhere to a service agreement which may restrict what you can and can’t do. Therefore, you need to decide what your priorities are, whether saving costs or driving long range, to see if PCP is worth it.

  • Yes, use our finance calculator to personalise your quote in seconds.

  • Unfortunately, PCP does not include maintenance and servicing costs so you’ll need to budget for those costs.