MG's guide to second-hand electric cars


Buying a used electric car is becoming increasingly popular. They are an affordable way to purchase your first electric vehicle, whilst having a positive environmental impact. So could a second-hand electric car be right for you? Read our guide to find out.

Benefits of buying a second-hand electric car

  1. Used electric cars are more affordable - Currently electric cars are more expensive than their petrol and diesel counterparts to buy brand new, due to their advanced technology. Therefore, buying a second-hand electric car is a great way of finding an EV within your budget. This also makes EVs more widely accessible to a larger pool of consumers.


  1. You will have access to low-emission exemptions and grants - Electric cars are eligible for tax exemptions and government grants due to being low-emission vehicles. As an owner of a second-hand electric car you will have access to these exemptions, such as being exempt from paying road tax, which makes the cost of running your car cheaper than petrol or diesel.


  1. Better for the environment - If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint than an electric car is for you. A second-hand electric car is a great entry into this new, greener lifestyle to help you begin reducing your carbon emissions.


  1. Lower-risk way to make the switch to an electric car - If this is your first electric car then buying a used one could help make the switch a little easier. For example, if you are buying a relatively cheap used electric car then it is reducing the financial risk you are taking whilst getting used to this new type of vehicle.


  1. Long warranty - When purchasing a used electric car, be sure to check the warranty with the dealer. Some electric cars come with an extensive warranty that may still be in place when you take ownership of the vehicle. For example, MG’s warranty is 7 years. If there is still time left on the warranty then you could be covered for things like battery replacement.


What to look for when buying a used car?


Just like you would inspect a new car before purchasing, you need to thoroughly analyse a used car before buying one. However, the things you are looking for may differ slightly. For example, a new car, you may be looking to see if it has the latest technology, whereas for a used car, the greater focus is on its condition. Here is a simple checklist of what to look for when buying a second-hand electric car:


  1. Check the electric car battery - The battery is the most important component of an electric car. Just like you would check the engine of a fuel car to make sure it's all in order, you need to test that the battery is fully functioning. It can also be one of the most expensive components to fix so you want to ensure there are no damages that can cost you in the long run. Ask the dealer to fully charge the battery so you can see it in full working order.


  1. Go for a test drive - One of the best ways to get a feel for the car is to test it for yourselves. An electric car should be a smooth and silent ride - with no engine to cause a noise. If you do feel any bumps or hear strange noises then you know there is an issue with the vehicle. We always recommend booking a test drive before purchasing any vehicle to make sure it's right for you.


  1. Do you need to install a charging point at home? - Before buying a second-hand electric car you need to think about how you are going to charge it. Yes, there are charging points up and down the country like there are petrol stations, but will it be more convenient to install a charging point at home? This may be a cost to factor in when deciding your budget for your used electric car.


Are used electric cars easy to find?


The Society of Motor Manufacturers found that the used car market has grown by 5.1%, with the sale of second-hand electric cars in the UK doubling, YoY,  to almost 14,600 in the first quarter of 2022.

As electric vehicles become more common, especially after the proposed 2030 petrol ban, the more second-hand cars will enter the market. This will make electric cars even more accessible to purchase because the less demand, the lower the price.


Where can I buy a second-hand MG electric car?


The best way to find a used MG electric car is by going through one of our trusted dealerships. This is a great, affordable, and environmentally friendly way to buy a MG car. We have done all the hard work for you by creating a list of approved MG used cars, so all you have to do is choose the one that suits you and your budget.