Lane Keep Assist


Lane keep assist is just one of the features available as part of MG Pilot, our driver assist package. But what is lane assist technology, and most importantly, how can it help you as a driver? This article will tell you everything there is to know about lane keep assist so that you can use this car safety function next time you're on the road.

What is lane assist?

To put it simply, lane assist technology helps to keep your car within the lane lines. We’ve all been on those long journeys, where it seems like the roads are endless, but you have to maintain your full concentration to stay within those lanes. Whether on a motorway, dual carriageway, A road or B road, those lane lines are there to keep us at a safe distance from other cars. But how can new lane assist technology also help to keep us safe?

The lane departure warning tells you that you are starting to veer out of your lane. This alerts you to the problem automatically, perhaps before you have had time to process the hazard for yourself. This helps speed up your reaction time, so that you, or the car itself, can correct your position and steer you away from danger, protecting both yourself and others on the road.

How does lane assist work?

MG’s lane keep assist feature uses a camera to detect the lane markings ahead of your vehicle. This monitors your car’s position in its lane to ensure you are staying within the lines. If it detects that your vehicle is unintentionally drifting away from its lane, then it will send a visual and audible alert. You will also feel your steering wheel start to vibrate, which you won't be able to miss! The car will then take control of the wheel and steer you back to within the safety of your lane.

Therefore, not only does the lane assist function automatically alert you to a hazard, it also takes control to steer you away from danger. That way you can drive with peace of mind knowing that your car is equipped with the safety features needed to make driving as safe, smooth and enjoyable as possible.

How would a lane departure warning help me?

Some find driving on motorways enjoyable, others find the multiple lanes intimidating. Lane assist technology is an extra safety feature to make that journey a little easier. Its automatic alert will let you know when you start to veer so that you almost have a second pair of eyes to help you drive as safely as possible. This not only helps you, but the vehicles around you, as veering into a lane other cars are using presents a danger of crashing.

However, it's important to note that the lane keep assist feature is not a replacement for your own mental alertness. It may be worth questioning why you are veering out of the lane lines. If it's due to tiredness you should pull over at the next safest opportunity and have a rest before you get back on the road.

What MG Model has the lane keep assist feature?

Currently the MG HS, MG5 EV, New MG ZS EV, and the MG HS Plug-in Hybrid are equipped with the lane keep assist (LKA) and lane departure warning (LDA). This is just one of the many useful safety features that comes with our MG Pilot Advanced Driver Assistance System. Other handy functions include high beam assist and blind spot detection.

To experience the lane assist feature for yourself, book a test drive today. Or simply download a brochure to find out even more about the MG HS’s safety features and how it can work for you.

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