What is the best electric car for me?

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Since the Government’s announcement that the sale of petrol and diesel cars will be banned in 2030, the number of electric cars released into the market has skyrocketed. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard knowing which is the best electric car for you. Here are some of the things to consider when buying an electric car so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

Which is the best electric car?

There are so many electric cars on the market, so how do you know which is the right one for you? The key is identifying what factor is most important to you when choosing a car. Is it costs, driving range, environmental impact, or another factor that you prioritise? Here are 5 key questions you should ask yourself when it comes to choosing an electric car:


1. Electric or hybrid car?

The starting point for deciding what is the best EV is choosing between an electric or hybrid car. An electric car runs solely on battery, releasing no harmful gases into the atmosphere, which is great for those that prioritize the environment within their decision making.

However, you may be someone who wants to buy an electric car to help reduce their carbon footprint but are new to driving a battery car. If this is the case, a hybrid is the car for you, as they are a great bridge between conventional cars and fully electric cars. The external charging aspect of a plug-in hybrid takes this switch one step further, whereas a self-charging hybrid is good for someone anxious about the charging aspect of electric cars.


2. How much does an electric car cost?

Costs are something to consider when making any purchasing decision, but especially for high value items like a car. Electric cars can typically have higher starting prices than petrol cars due to the technology they utilise, however they may be more cost efficient in the long run thanks to lower running costs.

A key reason for this is the cost of electricity versus fuel. On average, cars cost a minimum of £40 to fill with petrol or diesel, with this being significantly higher for larger vehicles. Contrast this with electric vehicle charging, which can cost £1.50 for an hour at a public charging station and £6 for 30 minutes at a rapid charging station. This may suit your needs better than a self-charging hybrid which uses more fuel. Home charging can be even more cost effective, but you will have to factor in the costs of installing a plug-in charger at home, which is usually around £800-£1000.


3. What is the best elecric car range?

Range anxiety (the fear of your electric car running out of power) is a common concern for drivers new to electric cars. Luckily, most retailers will feature the vehicle's driving range within the specifications, for example, the new MG ZS EV has a combined range of 273 miles (440 km) on a single charge. That way you can compare a car’s driving range when it comes to choosing the right electric car for you. This should hopefully put your worries at ease as well, as you can purchase the electric car with the longest range if you are experiencing range anxiety, such as our new MG5 EV Long Range.


4. Electric Car Battery Life

In a similar vein, battery life is a key consideration when choosing between a fully electric car and a hybrid car. As electric cars run solely on electric power it might be best to compare the battery life on different models to choose the one you feel most comfortable with, and compare this with the cost of charging. Alternatively, if battery life makes you anxious then a hybrid car may suit you best as the fuel engine will kick in to keep you powered on those longer journeys.


5. New or used electric car?

Last, but not least, are you looking to buy a new or used electric car? Buying a new car allows you to customise your vehicle to your own specifications, as well as being equipped with the latest smart technology that's constantly evolving.

However, second hand electric cars can be a great entry point if you are looking to buy an EV on a lower budget. It is also good if your main focus is being environmentally friendly as you are helping to recycle old cars. We recommend buying a used electric car from a trusted source, which is why we have approved MG used cars for you to browse.

There we have it, everything you need to consider when choosing the best electric car for you. Whether a fully electric car, self-charging hybrid or plug-in hybrid, there’s a type of electric car to suit every driver's needs. Once you establish the number one priority you are looking for in a car it can help you narrow down your decision, and make you fall in love with driving all over again.

Still unsure which electric car is best for you? Why not book a test drive or download a brochure to experience our range of electric cars.