The MG guide to ULEZ; How to ensure your car is compliant


What is ULEZ?

Ultra-low emission zone otherwise known as ULEZ is a scheme put into place in London to help reduce pollution. With toxic air pollution as the biggest environmental risk to Londoner’s health, and traffic emissions as the biggest source of toxic air in London, this can increase your risk of serious health issues such as lung and heart disease. Therefore, Transport for London created ULEZ in order to reduce toxic emissions and create cleaner air in the City of London, benefiting everyone in the city.

The aim of ULEZ is to help air pollution, specifically by reducing harmful Nitrogen Dioxide by around 30% across London. In order to do this, all vehicles that are within the ULEZ area’s need to be compliant. Now, more than 80% of vehicles are ULEZ compliant, all in a bid to improve the environment in London. Now, due to the implementation of the central London clean air zone, this has led to a 44% drop in roadside nitrogen dioxide.

The ULEZ zone was initially introduced by London mayor Sadiq Khan to improve air quality for millions of Londoners and although air quality has improved in recent years, toxic air pollution is the biggest environmental risk to the health of Londoners. There have been improvements in central areas, however, other parts of the city still exceed the legal pollution limit, therefore ULEZ zones are expanding.

With the ULEZ area growing, it is important to ensure that your own vehicle also meets the requirements, if it does not, this will result in a daily charge of £12.50 that needs to be paid, everytime your vehicle is within a ULEZ area.

Does my car meet ULEZ standards?

To comply with ULEZ, petrol cars need to be Euro 4 standard or better, which generally covers vehicles first registered after 2005. Diesel cars need to be Euro 6 standard or better, which generally covers vehicles first registered after 2015.

Which cars are exempt from ULEZ charges?

To be exempt from ULEZ charges, your vehicle needs to produce less than 75g/km of Co2 emissions and be capable of covering no less than 20 miles on electricity alone.

Any car that meets the emission standards is exempt from paying the ULEZ charge. This also includes all hybrid and electric cars that produce the lowest level of emissions.

How MG cars comply with ULEZ

Our MG HS plug-in hybrids are our third model and our first ever hybrid car. With an extended electric range of 32 miles with zero tailpipe emissions, this is plenty for most commutes. This also means that this is the most environmentally friendly way to travel through urban areas including central London, making it free from ULEZ charges.

Our new electric cars such as the MG5 EV and New MG ZS EV also boast high-tech batteries, providing you with an impressive driving range on a single charge. So, no matter what trip you are taking, whether that is driving around the city or visiting the country, you can do so without having to stop and recharge with our EVs.