Blind Spot Detection


Checking your blind spot can be difficult, especially if you’re on a busy motorway or not a confident driver. There’s always the chance that the wheel will turn with your head or that the car in front of you could brake suddenly, not leaving you enough time to react. If you suffer from back or neck problems, it might not even be possible for you to turn your head enough to see properly. All of these issues can lead to an unnecessarily stressful driving experience and that’s not good for you or your passengers. That’s where a blind spot monitor can help you.

What is blind spot detection?

Blind spot monitors or blind spot detection systems are designed to do the looking for you so you can have a more relaxing driving experience. How many times have we all gone to change lanes, only to realise we were lucky to escape with a near miss? That’s where blind spot monitors come in, alerting you to any vehicle that has entered your blind spot and keeping you safer.

How does blind spot detection work?

The way blind spot monitoring systems work is through a sensor device on the vehicle that detects other vehicles moving past a certain spot of your car. This sensor then sends out a warning that can either be through a light, a vibration or a sound depending on your car.

These blind spot detection systems not only help you stay safe on the road and off the road but they also just make life a little bit easier. Gone are the days of straining your neck to check no one is getting too close to your vehicle - blind spot monitoring systems can now do the hard work for you.

Which MG models feature blind spot detection?

Currently, the MG HS Plug-in Hybrid, New MG ZS EV, MG HS and MG ZS compact SUV models all come equipped with the blind spot detection feature. This is just one of several crucial safety features that can be added to our vehicles as part of the MG Pilot Advanced Driver Assistance System.

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