Motability Price Guide

Claim back your independence with a Motability vehicle from MG

The Motability scheme is available across many MG vehicles. This means you can expect to see the high-spec finish as standard, spacious interiors, and excellent handling that you need from your car.

You can access all the benefits of a Motability vehicle from a Nil Advance Payment, with weekly rental costs starting at just £75.00. For the complete MG Motability price list, check out the table below:

ModelDLA/PIP Advance PaymentDLA/PIP Weekly RentalWPMS Advance PaymentWPMS Weekly Rental
MG3 Exclusive Nav 1.5 VTI-tech£0£75.00£0£75.00
MG4 EV SE 125kW 51kWh Auto£0Total Allowance£0£77.62
MG4 EV SE Long Range 150kW 64kWh Auto£49.00Total Allowance£0£77.95
MG4 EV Trophy Long Range 150kW 64kWh Auto£649.00Total Allowance£0£81.96
MG5 EV Trophy Long Range 115kW 61kWh Auto£499.00Total Allowance£0£80.96
MG ZS Excite 1.5 VTI-tech£0Total Allowance£0£77.62
MG ZS Exclusive 1.5 VTI-tech£49.00Total Allowance£0£77.95
MG ZS Exclusive 1.0T-GDI£99.00Total Allowance£0£78.28
MG ZS Exclusive 1.0T-GDI DCT£499.00Total Allowance£0£80.96
MG ZS EV SE 130kW 51.1kWh Auto£0Total Allowance£0£77.62
MG ZS EV Trophy 130kW 51.1kWh Auto£499.00Total Allowance£0£80.96
MG ZS EV SE Long Range 115kW 72.6kWh Auto£799.00Total Allowance£0£82.96
MG ZS EV Trophy Long Range 115kW 72.6kWh Auto£999.00Total Allowance£52.00£83.95
MG HS SE 1.5T-GDI 6-speed Manual£0Total Allowance£0£77.62
MG HS SE 1.5T-GDI 7-speed DCT£349.00Total Allowance£0£79.95
MG HS Trophy 1.5T-GDI 6-speed Manual£199.00Total Allowance£0£78.95
MG HS Trophy 1.5T-GDI 7-speed DCT£699.00Total Allowance£0£82.29

Get Motability with MG

Find out more about the MG Motability scheme, who’s eligible, how it works and the adaptations that are possible for you in MG vehicles.

Request a Motability Test Drive

Book a Motability test drive with one of our Motability specialists at your nearest MG dealership. We recommend that you take a few different cars out for a test drive so you can compare and see which one meets your needs.