What Is Roadside Assistance And Why Do I Need It?

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Roadside assistance is a service provided by car brands and insurance companies to help you if your car breaks down. They are often the first point of call in an emergency so are an important contact to have for all drivers, especially those driving long distances. But what does roadside assistance actually help with and do you need to sign up to it?


What is roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance is the most simple form of breakdown cover. It offers drivers a helping hand when they come into trouble. This can be anything from a flat tyre to getting stuck in the mud. Whatever you need help with, just call your roadside assistance provider and they can either offer advice over the phone, come to you and fix the problem, or tow you to a mechanic. 


What does roadside assistance cover?

Roadside assistance can cover a lot of things, however they may vary between company and policy so always check your plan. The basic services that are typically covered are:

1. Replacing fuel - One of the leading causes of a breakdown is running out of fuel. Unfortunately a service station is not always going to be in sight so you may find yourself caught out in the middle of nowhere. Luckily roadside assistance is on hand to deliver fuel wherever you are - particularly helpful when travelling in remote areas.

2. Changing tyres - There are many reasons why you may have a flat tyre, from wear and tear, to hitting debris, which could force your journey to come to an early stop. Roadside assistance will send someone to change the tyre for you, often covering the cost for the tyre itself, which will help you get back on your way.

3. Jump starting a car battery -  A dead battery can be dangerous, especially if you break down on a busy road. Roadside assistance cand send someone to restart your car using jumper cables to help you get back on the road.

4. Towing to the nearest garage - Not all repairs can be done on the side of the road, and some problems may require the expert attention of a mechanic. Roadside assistance can provide a towing service to take you to the nearest garage or auto-repair shop.

5. Lockout service - We’ve all been guilty of losing our keys, or even leaving them inside the car. Roadside assistance provides you with a locksmith who can get you back inside your car safely without the need of damaging any doors or windows.

Why is roadside assistance important?

1. You never know when you’ll need help - Having roadside assistance provides you with peace of mind that you’re covered if you ever come into problems. For example, puncturing a tyre or losing your car keys are mishaps we can’t see coming, so it's good to have a number on hand to call when these problems may arise.

2. Helps keep you safe - Breaking down can be dangerous, particularly on motorways, dim lit roads or in remote areas. Having roadside assistance means you can talk to a person and get help quicker than not having cover which may mean you have to wait a long time. 

3. Can save you money in the long run - Depending on your coverage, roadside assistance is typically affordable because it can be included as part of your insurance or as a perk of buying a new car. Therefore, it doesn't cost much to have, and can save you money in the long run because callouts and repairs can be costly if you’re not covered.

How does MG’s roadside assistance work?

If you are buying a new MG car then you will have access to a one-year roadside assistance package from the AA. You then will either receive another one-year free if you return your car to the dealer, or have access to a 15% discount on all renewals with the AA. Simply speak with your MG Dealer or read our roadside assistance guide here for more information.

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