Are All Electric Cars Automatic?

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From the outside an electric vehicle may look the same as a fuel car, however inside they look a little different. It’s not just the latest gadgets and design features that separates EV’s from their petrol and diesel counterparts, but the way they actually operate. This article will explain why EV’s do not look like your average car and why this means there is a lack of manual electric cars on the market.

Are electric cars all automatic?

Yes, the majority of electric cars are automatic. This is because EVs are powered by an electric motor, which means the speed and power of an electric car remains constant, so it does not require a change of gears.

With electric cars set to be the future, it may be time to start learning how to drive an automatic car so that you are ready to make the switch. Some learners are even skipping the manual car step altogether in preparation for the electric car revolution. For example, the number of UK learner drivers choosing automatic cars has increased by 123% in a year, and this will only continue to grow as we draw closer to the government’s 2023 ban on fuel and diesel cars.

Electric cars also have no clutch or gear stick

Drivers may get a shock when they first see the inside of an electric car because it does not have a gear stick and may find this strange at first. However, an electric car does all the work for you, so you can actually sit back, relax and concentrate completely on driving safely rather than changing gears. Therefore, once you get used to this new way of driving, you may actually find you enjoy the driving experience even more!

What are the benefits of driving an automatic EV:

  • They are easier to drive - Automatic electric cars only have two pedals for you to worry about, with no clutch or gear stick to distract you. Therefore, they are much easier to drive, especially for those new to the road, as you just have to focus on the wheel as well as the road. EVs also tend to come with the latest safety features like adaptive cruise control or blind spot detection which can also help make driving as smooth and simple as possible. 
  • Greater power -  It is much easier to accelerate in an automatic electric car because there is no gear change which makes for a much more seamless driving experience. This allows you to generate power much more easily, so you never have to worry about stalling or holding up traffic.
  • Easier to maintain - The lack of gear stick, clutch and combustion engine means that automatic cars, and especially EVs, tend to need less mechanical work in the long run. This can help keep repairs and running costs low which can help you save money overtime.

Are all MG EVs automatic?

Our range of electric MG cars are all automatic. However, they are also all fitted with MG Pilot - our advanced drivers assistance technology. This helps to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience to help reassure those drivers who are new to driving an electric car. You can also book a test drive before you purchase an EV to get used to this different way of driving.

Will electric cars always be automatic?

There are currently a couple of manual electric cars on the market, however it is more than likely that EVs will always remain automatic. The only thing that could challenge this is the rise of electric sports cars. Some brands have already announced plans for a manual electric sports car which could grow in popularity for the traditionalists who enjoy the feeling of operating a gear stick. This could also determine if there is a demand for manual electric cars to enter the mass market. As electric cars continue to rise and consumers start looking for more options, who knows what models could hit the market in years to come.

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