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Global premiere of the all-new MG3

  • MG3 launches with Hybrid+ technology
  • All-new supermini features high levels of equipment
  • Engineered with MG’s ‘fun-to-drive’ spirit

An advanced hybrid supermini from MG
The all-new MG3 is a technologically advanced hybrid supermini, offering a combination of performance, efficiency, and refinement.

Two specifications will be available in the UK at launch, each sharing the all-new Hybrid+ powertrain. MG’s work on this hybrid system sees a larger battery fitted, and a more powerful electric motor, compared to the rest of the hybrid B-segment market.

The supermini is more spacious than the outgoing model, while retaining the compact footprint that makes the MG3 such a popular model, particularly for those mainly covering urban driving routes. Boasting high levels of interior equipment and space – matching the best-in-class – the MG3 Hybrid+ offers customers both practicality and efficiency. Value is further boosted with MG’s trademark seven-year/80,000 miles warranty included as standard.

“With all the attributes to become a leader in its class, the all-new MG3 will offer customers a combination of efficiency and performance with MG’s exciting Hybrid+ powertrain,” comments David Allison, MG Motor UK Head of Product and Planning. “More refined, yet also bringing MG’s fun-to-drive philosophy to the market, the MG3 is excellently equipped, both with premium interior features and MG Pilot safety systems.”

MG3 at a glance

  • Advanced hybrid powertrain offers customers economy, refinement, and performance
  • Fastest accelerating hybrid B-segment hatchback delivers real-world performance benefits
  • Larger battery capacity than rivals enables zero-emission running for longer
  • Versatile hybrid system includes separate generator, allowing for multiple hybrid modes
  • Range of trim levels offers customers choice and exceptional value
  • Dual-screen interior boosts high-tech feel in MG3
  • MG iSMART and MG Pilot offer connectivity and improved safety
  • New, larger dimensions include increased occupant space and load area

State-of-the-art Hybrid+ powertrain
MG’s Hybrid+ powertrain technology makes its debut on the all-new MG3, and is the first conventional, non-plug-in hybrid system fitted to an MG model. At its core, there are five key elements to the all-new Hybrid+ system – engine, transmission, battery, electric motor, and generator.

Despite focusing on efficiency, the electrified technology naturally delivers excellent performance benefits. MG’s Hybrid+ powertrain makes the MG3 the fastest accelerating hybrid B-segment model in the class, with a 0-62mph sprint time of 8.0 seconds. Accelerating to motorway speeds – from 80-120km/h (50-75mph) – is equally impressive, at just 5.0 seconds.

Producing a combined 143kW, the MG3 Hybrid+ returns economy figures of 64mpg (4.4l/100km) and 100g/km CO2*. This is aided by a 1.83kWh battery, allowing for an extensive electric-only driving range – significantly boosting efficiency.

The all-new MG3 features a 75kW 1.5-litre petrol engine and 100kW electric motor, as well as separate generator motor which enables a wide variety of powertrain operating modes. This not only provides class-leading performance figures for a hybrid B-segment hatchback, but also allows for flexible running no matter the driving environment.

This enables the MG3 to be driven in the following drive modes, each automatically selected by the Hybrid+ system:

EV – Running on electric-only power for as long as charge allows
Series – Engine runs through to the generator, which powers the electric motor for drive
Series and Charge – Series driving, plus topping-up the battery when under low-load
Drive and Charge – Engine drives the wheels, while also charging the battery through the generator
Parallel – Both engine and electric motor power the wheels

The four-cylinder 1.5-litre Atkinson-cycle petrol engine produces 75kW (102 PS), offering exceptionally high thermal efficiency at 41%. Combined with the 100kW (136 PS) electric motor, the Hybrid+ system provides a broad range of power across the rev range.

With a more powerful motor installed, much of the high-load driving – accelerating for example – can be carried out under electric power, with the petrol engine seamlessly supporting or taking over at higher speeds.

The engine is connected to a three-speed automatic transmission, which allows for both an efficient and enjoyable driving experience. Crucially, the MG3 offers responsive acceleration, while also providing smooth and refined shifting.

Drivers can tailor the MG3’s responsiveness with the choice of three driving modes – Eco, Standard, and Sport. Eco mode is calibrated for optimum fuel economy and provides gentle throttle response for drivers, while Standard provides a blend between economy and performance, and works well for most trip types. Sport sees a more responsive calibration, getting the best out of the combined power output, delivering some of the best performance figures in the hybrid supermini class.

Dynamic handling and refinement
The all-new MG3 offers a dynamic driving experience, as well as high levels of comfort, thanks to the collaborative work that MG’s engineers in both Europe and China have put in, fine-tuning the chassis and suspension for different markets.

With compact proportions and an agile set-up, the MG3 offers a refined drive but keeps MG’s ‘fun-to-drive’ ethos at its core. It benefits from the use of new ultra-high stiffness components in the chassis, while suspension elements have been designed to reduce weight and improve grip for both athletic handling and a comfortable ride.

As well as offering an ideally balanced set-up between comfort and dynamism, thanks in part to the new hybrid powertrain with its ability to run on electric power for short periods, the all-new MG3 also delivers new highs in refinement and noise suppression. Engineers have focused on engine and suspension mounts, sound absorbing materials, and transmission design to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness to provide a premium driving experience.

Outstanding technology and equipment
The all-new MG3 arrives with two specifications for UK customers – SE and Trophy. Both are set to challenge other B-segment models in terms of technology and features offered as standard.

A standout feature for customers is the twin-screen cockpit. Drivers have a 7-inch digital instrument screen, as well as a 10.25-inch central infotainment system. Graphics and responsiveness have been enhanced by MG engineers for the twin floating screens, and a bank of piano-key switches has been retained on the centre console to maximise safety and convenience while driving.

Satellite navigation is fitted as standard, as is smartphone integration through Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. MG iSMART provides levels of connectivity and features to MG3 customers that would more commonly be associated with premium models.

Other equipment highlights include air conditioning, six-speaker audio system with Bluetooth connection, four USB ports, and rear parking sensors and camera. Higher trim levels add leather-style upholstery, keyless entry, heated front seats and steering wheel, and 360-degree camera.

The MG3 also benefits from the latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Increased safety is delivered through MG Pilot technology, which includes Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, and Traffic Jam Assist.

A new and contemporary look
New from the ground up, the MG3 is both longer and wider than the model it replaces, freeing up more interior space for occupants, as well as offering the largest boot space in the hybrid B-segment class.

Designed by MG’s Shanghai studio, the all-new MG3 has a range of styling features for customers to choose from, including alloy wheels, LED headlights, and a new colour palette.

There are six paint schemes available for UK customers: Arctic White, Battersea Blue, Dynamic Red, Black Pearl, Monument Silver, and Hampstead Grey.

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